shallow creek is here!

shallow creek status: here

brian wilson is BACK with news ‘so good’ it might by a Spider-Man 3 (2007) reference. that’s right: Shallow Creek is HERE! twenty-one unforgettable horror stories guaranteed to provide a minimum of twenty-one shivers (this does not include bonus sensations such as swoons, vapours and spine tingles).

these shivers are generously provided by: Sarah Lotz, Richard Thomas, Aliya Whiteley, Adrian J Walker, Alice Noel, J. Stuart Croskell, Daniel Carpenter, Erik Bergstrom, Tom Heaton, Marion Coleman, Heather Cuthbertson, Adam Lock, Gregg Williard, Ian Steadman, Allyson Kersel, David Hartley, Simon Billinton, Nick Adams, Andrea Hardaker, Eleanor Hickey and Brian Wilson.

click HERE to pick up the book in paperback or e-book format. also, if you like Shallow Creek, why not consider leaving a review on Amazon?

brian wilson will return soon with even more updates. promise.

highly commended by InkTears

brian wilson is contained within (his words, that is)

brian wilson has been highly commended by InkTears! well, brian wilson was highly commended by InkTears in November, but his flash fiction words are now available to read in InkTears 115. brian wilson’s flash fiction words are titled ‘Messenger’ and feature a reference to Tom Hardy’s The Dark Knight Rises character Bane.

also included: brian wilson answers questions such as ‘for which book would you like to write a sequel?’ and ‘what were the last five books you read?’.

shallow creek cover

brian wilson’s nails are at least 10% cleaner

brian wilson is excited to report that the cover for the STORGY Shallow Creek anthology has been revealed. Shallow Creek features twenty-one brutal & harrowing tales by a range of talented writers including Sarah Lotz, Richard Thomas and Aliya Whiteley. oh — and brian wilson is in there, too 💀